Play Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 on a low end machine.

The latest instalment in the Microsoft Flight simulator series demands a powerful computer. The high cost of a new gaming computer is prohibitive for many. Play MSFS 2020 on an old laptop or outdated pc using Playkey.

Playkey enables gamers with limited hardware to play the latest games through the power of cloud gaming. Microsoft flight simulators have always demanded a powerful pc but now you can play on almost any computer with a high speed internet connection. 

If you need to upgrade your pc it might be time to weigh up the benefits of cloud gaming vs the high price of graphics cards/gaming pcs.

I have been enjoying the latest Microsoft flight sim on my 6 year old  basic laptop for the last few months and can testify it works great.

Find out more about playkey and how it works.

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What is playkey?

Playkey is a revolutionary crypto currency based cloud gaming service provider. Games are streamed directly from Playkeys powerful servers to your home. No need to buy high end hardware every few years to enjoy the latest games. Powerful servers do the hard work and stream it directly to you. 

Different to the competitors

Unlike other cloud services, Playkey is decentralised and harnesses the power blockchain technology.

Playkey has its very own PKT token on the Ethereum network which is used for transactions such as buying game time or receiving miners fees.

Unlike traditional crypto currencies, Miners utilise their GPU’s to provide game time to the playkey users and receive an amount of PKT per minute in return.

Playkey Benefits both miners and gamers.

Gamers – Play the latest games on low end hardware without the high costs.

Miners – Get paid to rent out their equipment with a higher ROI than traditional crtypo.
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Using Playkey with an unsupported controller

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Playing the latest AAA titles with a slow/old pc or laptop can be great with Playkey.  Certain games are best enjoyed with a gamepad, steering wheel or even a joystick. Playkey supports Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers natively however it is possible with a few tweaks to use a unsupported controller.

Use a generic gamepad / joystick / steering wheel with Playkey

Play gamekey with an unsupported gamepad

I purchased a Nacon G100 for only 15 euros to use with Playkey as it supports windows. This guide should work for any controller / game pad / steering wheel etc that support either X or D input.

Being a native windows controller I thought it would work out of the box but I was wrong.

Let me share tweaks to get the controller working.

Setup unsupported controller with Playkey.

  1. Download the latest version of TocaEdit Xbox 360 Controller Emulator from
  2. Unzip and run x360ce.exe
  3. Click controller 1 and then Add your controller / gamepad / steering wheel from the list.
  4. Enable mapped device – If you have a xbox style controller the app should recognize your controls, otherwise you can map your own. Test the controller is correctly mapped by pressing some buttons.
  5.  Click on the issue tab and install the virtual driver.
  6. Minimize controller emulator and open Playkey and enjoy playing your favourite games.

Enjoy more games

Many games benefit from the use of gamepad or controller. This should make your cloud gaming experience much more enjoyable

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