What is playkey?

Playkey is a revolutionary crypto currency based cloud gaming service provider. Games are streamed directly from Playkeys powerful servers to your home. No need to buy high end hardware every few years to enjoy the latest games. Powerful servers do the hard work and stream it directly to you. 

Different to the competitors

Unlike other cloud services, Playkey is decentralised and harnesses the power blockchain technology.

Playkey has its very own PKT token on the Ethereum network which is used for transactions such as buying game time or receiving miners fees.

Unlike traditional crypto currencies, Miners utilise their GPU’s to provide game time to the playkey users and receive an amount of PKT per minute in return.

Playkey Benefits both miners and gamers.

Gamers – Play the latest games on low end hardware without the high costs.

Miners – Get paid to rent out their equipment with a higher ROI than traditional crtypo.

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